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wed to sat 10 - 22

Hovioikeudenpuistikko 11

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Meal of the day:


Meal of the Day at Sweet Vaasa (11.00 - 14.00) | 10,50 €. Focaccia bread/gluten free crisp bread and coffee/tea.


Smoked salmon & roasted potato warm salad
(GF, LF)


Pesto chicken pasta with roasted tomatoes & side salad
(LF, vegetarian available)


Quinoa, beets & goats cheese salad
(GF, low-lactose)


Prawn salad with aioli
(GF, LF)


Grilled chicken with sweet potato mash, seeded mustard sauce & side salad
(LF, GF)


Our classic salads are available on weekdays 10.00-17.30 and on Saturdays 10.00-16.00. Coffee/tea, bread & water are included in the price. All our salad dressings are made from scratch and we also serve freshly baked focaccia bread and/or gluten-free seed & nut crispbread with the salads.

Base | 6,50 €
tomato, red onion, paprika, cucumber
+ vegetables/beans/egg/olives/quinoa | +1,00 €
+ chicken/bacon/cheese | +1,50 €
+ fish | +2,50 €

We serve our salads with self-made dressings because we want to minimize the amount of food additives (E-codes) in our dishes.


Our salad buffet works on a "pick-your-own-filling" basis. We offer two different types of buffets: a meat-containing salad buffet and a purely vegetarian one. Our self-made dressings and focaccia bread and/or gluten-free seed & nut crispbread are included in the price. We also offer wooden cutlery and napkins for the price of 1 € / person.

NB! Salad buffet orders by phone 050 348 9979 or from the café.

Our "Salad in a Bowl" is intended to be enjoyed as a starter or with a main course. Please feel free to choose from our five alternatives. All our salads are served with our self-made dressings and focaccia bread and/or gluten-free seed & nut crispbread.

NB! "Salad in a Bowl" orders by phone 050 348 9979 or from the café.

Our salty options are ideal for work place recreation days or picnics, and they can also be combined with our pastries. Try for example croissants and carrot cupcakes for a refreshing picnic!

Rye Bread

Chicken &

Ham & Cheese Croissants | 2,80 €
Rye Bread Sandwich | 3,00 €
Chicken & Bacon Sandwich | 4,50 €
Caesar Wrap | 5,00 €
Vegetarian Wrap | 5,00 €
Muesli, Yoghurt & Berry Compote | 7,00 €
Muesli, Yoghurt & Berry Compote (for 10 people) | 55,00 €



We at sweet vaasa bake all of our cakes from scratch in order to create beautiful and unique delicacies that we can proudly serve to our customers. We want to offer only the best, and that is why we bake with natural ingredients and avoid food additives and preservatives. As part of the local community, we also strive to use locally produced and grown ingredients whenever possible!

NB! Cake orders by phone 050 348 9979 or from the café. Please remember to place the order 48 hours before the desired pick-up time.

GF – gluten-free
NF – nut-free
LF – lactose-free

These pastries are great for smaller parties if you don't want a whole cake or if you simply wish to mix things up a bit on the coffee table!



Vanilla Bean
Panna Cotta

"Spoilt Pete"
Cookie (GF)

Carrot Cupcake

Ingemar Cookies
"Ingemar" Cookie | 1,80 €
"Spoilt Pete" Cookie (GF) | 1,80 €
"Erika" Carrot Cupcake | 2,00 €
Blueberry & Cinnamon Bulla | 2,50 €
"Martin" Blueberry Muffin | 3,50 €
"Cajsa" Brownie | 4,00 €
Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta (GF) | 4,00 €
"Mini Doris" Blueberry Cheesecake | 4,50 €
Cookies & Cream | 4,50 €
Pavlova (LF, GF) | 5,00 €
Chocolate Cheesecake (GF) | 5,00 €


050 348 9979

Hovioikeudenpuistikko 11
65100 Vaasa
mon & tue 10 - 18
wed to sat 10 - 22

Café is closed on sundays and on holidays.